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Companies that can’t offer Black workers money, security, and positions in leadership should expect to lose their talent

Photo by Adeolu Eletu

A friend said something to me about white-collar jobs that has stuck with me for weeks now. He said that the reason there’s so little representation in the corporate world is because there’s so little room for Blacks to be mediocre.

He didn’t mean mediocre in the sense of underperforming…

This isn’t your granddad’s sport anymore — the potential for student-athletes to get compensated the way they deserve has dramatically increased for the better

Photo by Thomas Park

We’ve bought schedules with their faces on them and jerseys with their names on the back. They never saw a red cent. We talk about them like they’re professionals, even though we clearly understand that student-athletes are maturing adults who still have so much life left to live. …

A conversation with my dad and stepdad about the keys to positive parenting

Photo: Olof Nyman/Pexels.com

The landscape of the modern American family has changed over the past few decades. Family structures as a whole have become more fluid and unique; finally, unconventional types are becoming more universally acknowledged and accepted.

Black families, however, were never entirely allowed the freedom of the modern family landscape. From…

There are people who can’t fathom Naomi Osaka walking away from the French Open, but she chose herself and we can learn from that

Photo Credit: Rena Schild via Shutterstock

Everyone has a lot to say about Naomi Osaka right now. How dare someone with so much fame, money, and status say “no” to us, the general public, let alone the general media. As a matter of fact, how dare she not just shut up and play tennis for our…

Cats require the same kind of love and care that children do — preparing us for kids in the most interesting of ways

Luna the cat

I’m standing at the humane society, not really wanting to be there as my girlfriend, now wife, scanned the cages and play areas of all the animals. I didn’t want a cat, yet here we were, getting a cat. …

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