Venting Is Good, But Therapy Is Better

We all need someone to talk to, but even more than that, we need someone who can help us in the process

Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans

But how often are we prioritizing ourselves when it comes to what’s going on mentally? What about our personalities? Anything related to our inner human being?

I come from a community where we’re told to pray about our anxieties and trauma, where seeing a therapist is a stigma and means that you have something seriously wrong with you that can’t be fixed. Many of us have and because of that, not only are we interacting with the world completely unprepared to handle it, but so are our peers. We avoid the therapy needed to make us better shepherds of what’s around us and ourselves and in return, we don’t give ourselves a chance to operate in any capacity other than functionally broken.

Therapy isn’t absolving ourselves of negative emotions or feelings nor is it the key to infinite bliss. It’s what breathes life back into us and gives us the skills to navigate our lives a better way.

It’s a journey that will reap good fruit every single day. I will never regret pushing myself to commit to it.

A writer and singer-songwriter centered around perspective and diversity. Words found on Medium’s Level and Marker. Follow me @JoshuaDairen on Twitter and IG.